Corporate Directors

  President – Nancy Farbo
  Vice President – Don Henderson
  Recording Secretary – Chris Sewell
  Treasurer – Paul Stein
  Corresponding Secretary – Audrey Danforth

Non-Corporate Directors

  Region 1 Directors – Jeanne Hartrey & Kevin Zohfeld
  Region 2 Directors – Bill Markley & Ralph Pearsall
  Region 3 Directors – Dave Posey & Cathy Ehlers 

You may reach Board members by contacting the business office at 727-596-4386

To assist the Board of Directors with the management of the community, there are the following Committees. All Committees are appointed by the Board.

Architectural Control Committee

  Chairperson – Nancy Farbo

Management Committee

  Chairperson – Nancy Farbo
  Recording Secretary – Ruth McGill

Management Sub-Committees

Clubhouse Activities & Reservations Coordinator – Janet Osbahr
Clubhouse Maintenance & Supplies Chairperson – Nancy Kasprcak-Whitmore & Barbara Aliotti
House & Roof Painting Chairperson – Paul Kendrick
Keep In Touch Chairperson – Ann Beller
Lawns & Landscape Chairperson – Bob Dunn
Maintenance Department Supervisor – Nancy Farbo
Roads & Sewers Chairperson – Dr. Ray Bavi 
Swimming Pool Chairperson – Alma Wood
Water & Irrigation Chairperson – Paul Kendrick
Welcoming Committee Chairperson – Jeanne Hartrey
Yard Sales/Parking Cones Chairperson – Debby Wigginton
Block Captains & Newsletter Distribution Chairpersons – Shirley O’Neill, Ruth McGill & Laura Zohfeld
Charter & By-Laws Chairperson – vacant
Crime Watch Chairperson – Marty Beller
Economic & Finance Chairperson – Jim Acierno
Registration Chairperson – Charmaine Silver
Telephone Directory & Emergency Card File Chairperson – Debby Wigginton